After 30 years, we're still a fresh-baked company

In 1985 David Izenstatt began making his incomparable cheesecakes in his own kitchen with a family recipe. He slowly built his business one cheesecake at a time, creating and producing one unrivaled combination after another.

So what’s new? He has been joined by a partner so Izzy can spend less time at a desk and more time in the kitchen. Jim Chamoff has joined in order to take care of the non cheesecake ends of the business - marketing and finances - permitting the master chef to concentrate on producing his trademark creations in growing numbers.

We are making his truly artisanal products available to a much wider audience, who until now, will never have had the “I’ll have what she’s having” moment you get with the first bite of an Izzy cheesecake.

To this day, every batch is still handmade, the same way as Izzy's first cheesecake in 1985. Just check the ratings on Facebook. Handcrafted quality means dense, rich cheesecake. Not whipped. No preservatives. No fillers. Just good old fashioned, handcrafted quality. It's a Maine thing.